Two days of workshop on

Two days of workshop on "Leadership" for A3-MADA members in Farihy Ampefy on 5&6th april 2018 was a great opportunity to enhence our capacity building for future leaders in the country...


Australia Awards – Africa Information Session

The Australian High Commission (accredited to Madagascar) and the Australia Alumni Association of Madagascar invites individuals from the Public, Private and NGO sectors to an information session on the Australia Awards scholarship program.


Date:              20 November 2017

Venue:           Hotel Carlton Madagascar. Rue Pierre Stibbe-Anosy 959, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar

Time:              14:00 – 16:00




Appel à Projets sous le programme DAP 2017-18: Date de Cloture-5 octobre 2017


L’Ambassade australienne à Port Louis vous présente ses compliments et vous informe par la présente de l’ouverture d’appels à projets sous son programme de l’Aide directe (DAP) pour l’année financière 2017-2018. La demande de financement doit être faite en ligne sur l’interface suivante :

Pour des plus amples renseignements (et les critères d’éligibilité) sur le programme, n’hésitez pas à consulter notre site web au ou nous contacter par email au / par téléphone au +230 202 0160.

Merci de  noter que la date limite pour la reception des dossiers est fixée pour le jeudi 5 octobre 2017.

N’hésitez pas à partager cette information dans votre réseau de la société civile à Madagascar.


Kiran Seetohul


DAP Team- Australian Embassy

2nd Floor, Rogers House



For information on the scholarship programs of the Australian Government, please visit the Australia Awards’ website at


In the Zone Conference (ITZ) , Blue Zone Conference, Perth, 2 October 2017

the 2017 In the Zone Conference – “The Blue Zone” will be held on 2nd October 2017 in Perth, Western Australia

Australia has an extensive framework for cooperation spanning political, economic, security, development, education, and people-to-people ties with our neighbouring ‘in the zone’, Indian Ocean countries. While the future of the Indo-Pacific unfolds against a maritime backdrop, we must address the issues, challenges and opportunities that face our collective nations as the maritime realm continues to shape our politics, technology and livelihoods. 

In collaboration with The University of Western Australia, the Perth USAsia Centre is pleased to announce that the 2017 In the Zone Conference – “The Blue Zone” will be held on 2nd October 2017 in Perth, Western Australia and will spark a regional discussion that aims to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG14) of seeking to ‘Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources’.

The 2017 In the Zone Conference, "The Blue Zone", will be held on 2 October in Perth. The conference is a flagship event for the University of Western Australia and attracts participation from Indo-Pacific government and business representatives and academia. This year's theme will address security, resources and the environment (including climate change) in relation to the maritime realm and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has agreed to give the keynote address.

The 2017 In the Zone Conference (ITZ), a flagship event for the University of Western Australia in collaboration with the Perth USAsia Centre (the organisers), will take place in Perth on Monday 2 October 2017.  The ITZ series was founded to provide a strategic forum for policy-makers, advocates, academics, and business and political leaders in the Indo-Pacific to grapple with issues of shared concern within the region.  It has attracted strong participation from government and business representatives from our region. 

 In 2016, ITZ was held in Jakarta, Indonesia and in 2018 it will be held in Japan.  This year’s ITZ will focus on the future of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is entitled 'Blue Zone: Environment, Resources, and Security in the Indo-Pacific Maritime Realm'.  The Conference will be framed around the following questions:

·         Security - How can countries cooperate in the Indo-Pacific to solve security problems within the maritime realm?

·         Resources - As the global population rapidly grows and global demand increases, what kind of resource policies should governments develop and how can we best utilise innovative technologies?

·         Environment - How do we reduce pollution, protect species from climate change and ensure sustainable consumption?

 The Perth USAsia Centre is expecting 300‒400 people to attend and has invited high-profile speakers from the Indo-Pacific region.  Foreign Minister Bishop has agreed to give the keynote speech at the conference.  A list of other speakers secured to date can be found at−2017 and includes Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong, former ROK President Dr Han Sueng-soo, Rio Tinto Iron Ore CEO Chris Salisbury, India's Vice Admiral Anup Singh, Japan's Vice Admiral Yoki Koda, and Indonesia's Foreign Policy Community founder Dr Dino Patti Djalal.  

Pre-conference activities include a facility tour of the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (the largest marine research capability in the Indian Ocean rim) and a sundowner and dinner event on Sunday 1 October.  The conference program also includes a regional student innovation contest and regional photography contest for high school and university students.  




Alumni Associations and Ambassadors E-course Training Workshop: 24 -25 July 2017, South Africa

The Alumni Ambassador and the Chairman of A3-mada were invited to participate in the Alumni Associations and Ambassadors E-course Training Workshop which took place in Pretoria, South Africa on 24-25 July 2017.

Empowering Alumni is a central objective of the Australia Awards-Africa program and is to be achieved through training men and women for employment, capacity building and by challenging barriers to participation. It also extends to ensuring Alumni have positive on-going links with Australia that contribute to positive business and development outcomes and broader cooperation between Australia and partner governments.
The e-course workshop presented a new approach to the Alumni Association leadership training with the objective of achieving a more sustainable outcome to Alumni Association support. The workshop will form part of the first round of the newly developed e-course for Alumni Associations. It will take the form of an online course complemented by face-to-face interaction, facilitated by Dr Gretchen Dobson, an e-learning and education expert. The workshop aims to:

  • Provide Associations with the tools, know-how and best practices to be effective;
  •  Provide an accessible e-training platform for Associations which will enable them to transfer knowledge successfully when changes in management occur;
  • Enhance the sustainability of Associations by offering ongoing cost-effective training, available on demand;
  • Build synergies between Alumni Ambassadors and Alumni Association Executives;
  • Provide leadership and soft skills training for Associations and Alumni Ambassadors; and
  • Promote a common understanding of, and outline a range of activities Associations are expected to deliver to support the implementation of the broader Australia Awards – Africa program.

The alumni Ambassador and the President of A3-Mada were identified as having the potential to contribute to the outcomes of this training and share the knowledge learnt with the rest of the Association Executive Committee. In return, they will be expected to train the rest of your Association Executive Committees upon return.Empowering Alumni is a central objective of the Australia Awards-Africa program and is to be achieved through training men and women for employment, capacity building and by challenging barriers to participation. It also extends to ensuring Alumni have positive on-going links with Australia that contribute to positive business and development outcomes and broader cooperation between Australia and partner governments.


Workshop on Mining governance : 19-21 April 2017 in the South West Region of Madagascar

Training on mining governance for CSOs/NGOs and local communities in the region South west TULEAR

Since 2012, many Malagasy Technician from different discipline have been granted scholarships from the Australian government. In order to keep link between themselves and with DFAT, and to share knowledge, some awardees, on 2014, have decide to create an association. This association called Australia Alumni Association of Madagascar or A3- Mada, which currently has around 40 members, aims at valueing the skills and knowledge obtained and mainstreaming its possible input to Madagascar development in all sectors.

Consequently, A3- Mada works for the significant contribution to the development of Madagascar through the sharing of skills and expertise acquired in Australia to serve and benefit the parties In the extractive sector. The overall objective is to promote fruitful and beneficial cooperation between Madagascar and Australia.

In fact, Madagascar is considered as an young in the plateform of mining, gas and oil research and exploitation countries. And, as far as mining, gas  and oil research and exploitation is concerned, many study has shown that lack of knowkedge, skills and experience of civil societies, local authorities, some local industries in extractives sectors and even within the administration make the country lose the opportunies brought up by and beneficiated less from this emerging sector. That has created mistrust between the actors (mining promoter, administration civil societies and local authorities).

There is growing interest in the mining, oil and gas industries in enhancing the opportunities for locally based businesses to participate in resource projects.

In this context, since 2016, A3 - Mada has organized a series of knowledge and experience sharing sessions for civil societies and local authorities in order to enable them to have the necessary competences in terms of legislation, Taxation, environmental impact assessment, HSE (Hygiene, Safety, Environment), corporate social responsibility and local content, gender in the mining sector, and transparency.

Thus, a third session was held in the  South West Region, on 19- 20 and 21 April 2017, at the prestigious AMAZONE HOTEL. Almost, 15 stakeholders involved in mining activities such as Mayors, local government, representatives of CSOs, and the High Representative  staff of the Andrefana Region participated in this training workshop. Six members of A3-Mada animated the session.

The particularity of this workshop was the collaboration between A3-Mada with other major development project operating in this region, like the German development Cooperation GIZ and the EITI Madgascar. This also proves that the association is beginning to develop strategic partnerships.

During the session, the participants showed their interests related to theme developed by posing many question and demonstrating the ‘’fields truth’’. The participants said that still an uncoordinated action of the actors, no transparency, a lot of illicite deed leading to less positive fall out on the local social and economy development dominated the sector.

In its activities the Association aims to be a catalyst for the Malagasy extractive sector  by providing the knowledge and skills of its members, acquired in Australia to serve the stakeholders of this sector.

Admittedly, the workshop was relevant to the participants as it has helped them to have clear vision in their respective responsibility, yet the Association recognized that a huge efforts should be done by the administration and mining companies for the information sharing, capacity building of all the stakeholders involved in the extractive sector including CSOs. This one is playing a more active role in pooling local resources (knowledge and expertise' material and financial) to bridge the capacity gaps and address rising challenges in their different constituencies. It has important task in promoting good governance, management and lobbying empowerment, and serve as relay or catalyst  between the administration-mining promoter- local population and authority.

Also, it is observed that there is still many to be done with enhancing procurement capability for local SMEs and more information about the conditions and prer-requiste from the industries extractives, in order to be having mutual understanding and creating a real positive impact for all the concerned actors.

The association is persuaded that we have to put more focus on building the capacity of local organisations as a key to sustainable development. It is observed that although huge potentials already exist amongst these local actors to bring about desired social changes' they have failed to harness and value these potentials. Rather, they have continuously placed a premium on external capacity development resources which are top/down prescriptive and sideline local contextual realities. It is apparent that capacity development needs are changing, thus calling for innovative ways to constantly update the knowledge and skills bases of local development actors to enable them to keep pace with new development exigencies.


Appel au projet sur le programme

Australian Blue Economy Challenge (Aquaculture) - Applications open until 30 June 2016

Le gouvernement australien a lancé un fonds pour des projets sous le
programme « *Blue Economy Aquaculture Challenge* » - l’appel aux projets
sera ouvert jusqu’au *30 juin 2016*. Les renseignements sont disponibles
sur la note d’information et le site web


Supporting Africa’s mining sector

Australia Awards is working with Awardees to regulate the Artisanal and Small Scale Mining sector across Africa.

Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) has long been an important industry in Africa, providing economic opportunities for many impoverished families. The average earnings of an ASM worker are less than one dollar a day, placing them in absolute poverty. A United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) report estimated that, throughout Africa, over 8 million people are directly engaged in ASM, and that they in turn support more than 45 million dependants. This highly unregulated sector is now emerging as a challenge that governments can no longer ignore.


Porte ouverte de l’Association des Anciens de l’Australie à Madagascar

Le 05 Juin 2015 à 14h 30 s’est tenu à l’hôtel PANORAMA Andrainarivo une porte ouverte de l’Association des Anciens de l’Australie à Madagascar

Le 05 Juin 2015 à 14h 30 s’est tenu à l’hôtel PANORAMA Andrainarivo une porte ouverte de l’Association des Anciens de l’Australie à Madagascar ou l’Australia Alumni Association of Madagascar « A3 Mada ». Le principal objectif est d’une part de porter à la connaissance du public l’existence de cette Association via le lancement officiel de son Site Web et d’autre part de tisser des relations avec les autres associations ou institutions publiques et privées susceptibles de partager la même vision que l’Association.


Madagascar devance tous les pays de la SADC

C’est encore prouvé. Les techniciens malgaches n’ont rien à envier à ceux des autres pays en matière de compétence. Cela a encore été une fois confirmé lors d’un concours organisé par Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corpo­ration (Jogmec)...